Episode 21: We Were Fanatics

We interview Pat, or D P Patricks this week, who was so enraptured by the partnership of Starsky & Hutch when it first aired that she moved out to Hollywood and got a job on the show doing legal and production research. Come listen to her memories of meeting the cast and crew, her experience of seeing the show get made, and her joy at discovering online fandom in 2014!

Episode Notes:

D P Patricks on A03 and on The Starsky & Hutch Archive

Pat’s Recollections series, where she shared her memories of working on Starsky & Hutch: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5

Specific stories by D P Patricks mentioned in the episode:

A Devious Mind , Miami LinesNew York Calling, and Individuality

The Starsky & Hutch 911 Community

And here is the moment where you can see David’s shadow on the wall behind Paul, rubbing his nose.

Starsky in the episode A Coffin For Starsky

Music Credit: theme from Route 66

Me & Thee & Thirsty: Episode 02

me and thee and THIRSTY

It’s that time again: when we take a break from talking about Starsky & Hutch and instead try drinks we’ve never had before and review them! Also, we still talk about Starsky & Hutch quite a bit. Hutch would be into kombucha, right?

In this episode we try two traditional kombuchas and four soda-kombucha fusions.

Episode Notes:

Tapuat Kombucha (we tried “3 Root” and “Lemuria”)

LIVE Soda (we tried “Root Beer” “Doctor” “Cola” and “Lemon Lime”)

Music Credits: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

Episode 20: Sharecon (part 3): The Flamingo Special

As the current runner of both SHareCon and the S&H Advent Calendar, Flamingo has a big hand in keeping the Starsky & Hutch fandom vibrant and alive. Come listen to me and Rachel interview her about what it takes to run a convention, a particularly disastrous SHareCon of the past, and what it takes to be in one fandom for decades.

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Episode Notes:


The S&H 2018 Advent Calendar

Do I Still Love You, Rosey Malone? by Flamingo

Music Credit: Flamingo Song – POLLiNANNi

Episode 19: Sharecon (part 2): The People of SHarecon!

What do all SHareCon attendees have in common? A love of Starsky and Hutch, and a desire to befriend other fans. Other than that, the differences abound! We set up a microphone at SHareCon and interviewed a flock of fans: fans from the original broadcast run, new fans just discovering the show, long-time con-goers, first-time con-goers, cosplayers, artists, vidders, readers, writers, and editors!

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Episode Notes:


Music Credit: The Rose – Bette Midler

Episode 18: SHarecon! (Part 1)

What do you get when 50-some fans gather in Baltimore to celebrate Starsky & Hutch? SHareCon!  Monica and Rachel tell Jen all about the great time they had, the zines and merch they got, the vids they watched, and the games they played!

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Episode Notes:

Hopscotch by Teri White

Zebra Three (zine)

Code 7 (zine)

The Who Do We Trust Times (letterzine)

The Rose (S&H fanvid)

Music Credit: Good Morning Baltimore – Hairspray

Episode 17: Assassaunation

The S&H finale episode gets a lot of attention, but what about the three-parter that leads narratively into Sweet Revenge?  We watch all three episodes of Targets Without a Badge–Rachel for the first time–and discuss this wild storyline! Buckle in for beastly bombs, buoyant badges, and Belle.

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Episode Notes:

Ted Neeley’s Wikipedia page

Promises to Keep by Teri White

Music Credit: What’s the Buzz – Jesus Christ Superstar

Episode 16: His Entire Existence Is Time Travel

Jen shares the story of how her brother tailed a Starsky & Hutch painted Torino, Monica models an outfit she bought for SHareCon, and Rachel enthuses about Car Wash. We also recommend a vid, a fic, and fan art!

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Episode Notes:

A classic Ford Torino painted red with a white stripe like in Starsky and Hutch.
The classic Torino spotted by Jen’s brother

A classic Ford Torino painted red with a white stripe like in Starsky and Hutch.
Note the Starsky & Hutch sign in the rear window

Discovery Channel fanvid by Flamingo

Attack on Fear (1984), starring Paul Michael Glaser

Car Wash (1976), featuring Antonio Fargas

Art by Kennethhutchinson: Starsky/Hutch/Terry AU, Starsky in cutoffs, meme comic, & merman!Hutch.

Distant Shores by April Valentine

Music Credit: I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

Episode 15: Hutch’s Snake

What are the implications of the cancellation of Amazon’s Starsky & Hutch show? How did a tiny New Jersey newspaper impress us with their summary of S&H? Is there precedent for cults setting rattlesnakes on their foes? And does Rachel’s mom know that Huggy Bear is not a Care Bear? Listen to find out!

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Episode Notes:

Summary of S&H from The Suburban (click to enlarge):

Mindhunter (TV Series)

My Favorite Murder podcast episode about the Synanon cult

The Window by MVernet

The Ground Beneath Our Feet by Gideon BD

Music Credit: Theme to Mindhunter

Episode 14: At the Stage Door

Our guest on this episode is Ilana, who has been buying Starsky & Hutch fanzines since the 80s, has met David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, and Antonio Fargas on multiple occasions, and runs a very active S&H fan group on Facebook.  We discuss shifts in fandom platforms and learn about the European S&H fan experience!

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Episode Notes:

Ilana with David Soul in 2002 and Ilana with Paul Michael Glaser in 2013
Ilana with David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser

Two shots of Ilana with Antonio Fargas in 2005.
Ilana with Antonio Fargas

The Starsky/Hutch Bromance Facebook Group

Ilana on Archive of Our Own

Zircon ’90 (also called Nattercon)

Alive in the Fridge/The Dead Monkey

Coda (fanzine)

Celebration (fanzine)

Bonaventure (fanzine)

A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett

Music Credit: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas


Episode 13: Hutch Fans on the Floor

Our guest this week is Dawn, who has been a Starsky & Hutch fan since the show first aired, and who has written a large, long-standing, and eclectic collection of S&H fanfiction. We ask her about her fandom experiences, ponder some puzzling prior-fandom attitudes, chat about our favorite episodes, and learn more about her fic!

Episode Notes:

Dawnwind on A03 and on The Starsky & Hutch Archive

Reflections of the Way Life Used to Be by Dawnwind

Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions (fanzine)

Bound to the Law series by Dawnwind

Dark Side of the Moon by Dawnwind

S&H femslash fic by Dawnwind

The Day the Universe Changed by Dawnwind

Crab Sandwiches by Dawnwind

Vendetta’s Remains by Spencer5460

The Tribulations of a Southpaw by rosa_himmelblau

Starsky’s Girl by Kaye Austen Michaels

Music Credit: theme from Alias Smith and Jones