Episode 17: Assassaunation

The S&H finale episode gets a lot of attention, but what about the three-parter that leads narratively into Sweet Revenge?  We watch all three episodes of Targets Without a Badge–Rachel for the first time–and discuss this wild storyline! Buckle in for beastly bombs, buoyant badges, and Belle.

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Episode Notes:

Ted Neeley’s Wikipedia page

Promises to Keep by Teri White

Music Credit: What’s the Buzz – Jesus Christ Superstar

7 thoughts on “Episode 17: Assassaunation”

    1. Oh!! I actually watched this quite a while ago, but now it makes so much more sense that I’ve seen Targets at last (whoooooooooops, didn’t realize it was Targets specific at the time! I had only watched half of season 4 so….) Ahhhhh, so excellent!! -Rachel

      1. I also had a long chat with Ted Neeley recently, but did not ask him about his Starsky & Hutch appearance….I think I asked him about everything else!

        1. Oh, that’s cool! Do you think you’ll be chatting with him again anytime? It would definitely be interesting to hear his thoughts on his Starsky & Hutch role!

          –Jen and Monica, after abruptly realizing we haven’t checked the comments in ages

  1. Awesome analysis of the trilogy–or quartet of episodes.I have always wished we coild have another season just to see if the writers Would have continued with the more serial style of story telling. I totally agree that it was sloppy writing to have the guys guarding Lionel on their ownsimplyto set up a situation where Starsky had to abandon Lionel for Hutch.

    i really want to listen to the Muppet version of JCS!

    1. Thank you! Oooh, seeing more serialized stories would have been great if they had (unlikely but maybe?) And the entire Muppet version can be found in this youtube vid here. There’s only a handful of songs, but it’s fun! -Rachel

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