In Your Mother’s Kitchen… In Duluth!

Cults! Kidnappings! We picked up a copy of the script for “Bloodbath” while at SHareCon, and boy did a lot of stuff get cut from the final episode! Gail gets a ripped-from-the-headlines backstory, and what’s this about Hutch’s mother getting poisoned??? Also, we discuss the rumor of a S&H reunion special, the return of Starsky’s blue Adidas shoes, and two other podcasts where S&H were mentioned recently.

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Episode Notes:

The Bloodbath fanvid Dream Weaver by TM Songvids

Starsky style: Adidas SL72 trainers back in blue

Music Credit: I Am Disappeared by Frank Turner

6 thoughts on “In Your Mother’s Kitchen… In Duluth!”

  1. Happy Holidays, girls! Thanks for another great pod-cast–I think most of us Starsky & Hutch fans consider this to be a favorite episode-Starsky getting kidnapped by a bunch of crazy cultists and Hutch having to find and save him-what’s not to love? Also the fact PMG directed this ep and he always makes DS look gorgeous (can you tell I’m a Hutch girl?) Love the reading of one of Bloodbath’s original scripts and the parts that made it into PMG’s final version as opposed to what was original staging and dialogue. Some interesting choices made there. Kind of sorry the parts about Hutch’s mom were left out. We get so little family canon on him that it’s hard to judge what kind of a relationship he really did have with his mom. At least Starsky called his mom once in an ep. Keep up the good work. It’s always fun to hear you three discuss everything relating to Starsky & Hutch. Love all you giggles.

    1. Thank you, Edie! Yes, as another Hutch girl I agree that Hutch looks AMAZING in this episode. PMG has a good eye for lighting, so that’s definitely part of it, but I think when you care about the people you’re filming, it shows. I’m torn on whether I’m glad the Hutch’s mom stuff got cut – on the one hand, what you pointed out about never getting much on Hutch’s family. On the other hand, it would take some focus off Hutch’s intense search for Starsky. Hard to say if we missed out with that cut!

      Thank you so much for listening, and for taking the time to comment!

  2. Ladies, it’s week 3 of our quarantine & too many sad/frustrations seen on news to keep watching,so here I am floating back to happier times. I was very disappointed in this ep. The “Star Trec “like cave with bear “scenery was embarrassingly early ’60’s horror movie . Why not just have those scenes filmed at an actual deserted ranch with ice houses,covered springs and outdoor shacks-maybe that’s just my PA country farm experience-maybe they never had abandoned ice/spring houses in California. David & Paul did perform their character’s turmoil very well, but I wish Paul had not left that “semen” audio in the final editing. left a disapointed semi professional taste in my mouth-no pun intended. Stay safe & well,mar

    1. You’re right, there’s something very B-movie horror about the abandoned zoo set, and the bear is silly. And I just can’t wrap my head around why they left the audio of the one guy chanting “semen” when everyone else is pronouncing it… well, not like that. I do love Starsky in peril and the intensity of Hutch’s scenes with Simon. An abandoned ranch probably would have reduced the silliness and evened out the tone of the episode.

      Cults are really interesting. I think the episode captured a little bit about what can be interesting/terrifying about a cult leader, but completely missed exploring anything interesting about the cult followers. Robes and chanting are just set dressings — they should have showed us the motivations or beliefs of Gail or one of the other cult followers. It would have been more frightening than the bear.

      Thanks for commenting!


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