Episode 03

Hutch’s ex-wife Vanessa might be one of the most unpopular characters in S&H fandom. In this episode, Rachel defends Vanessa, Monica recaps the Torino’s cameo in The Good Doctor, and Jen recommends some of the podfic she listened to during her cross-country drive.

Episode Notes:

The Good Doctor – “Islands Part 1”

[Podfic] Joy Ride written by kuonji and read by hananobira

[Podfic] Christmas Rhetoric written by Kerrys2Boys and read by hardboiledbaby and themusecalliope

[Podfic] Working Women written by kuonji and read by vassalady

Mutual Ground by Diane

The Smallest Sound by Rae

Eat by Starsky’s Strut

Criminal Minds – “Masterpiece”

Still the One by Laura McEwan

Come With Me Now by TM Songvids

The Cave by TM Songvids

Music Credit:  Emily Casey and Maggie Lakis – She Works Hard for the Money

Episode 02

In this episode, Jen, Monica, and Rachel pick their favorite one-off characters, discuss their trip to the University of Iowa fanzine archive, and share why two owl-shaped pillows bear a striking resemblance to Starsky and Hutch.

Episode notes: We know Cali didn’t have a cameo in this episode, and we’re sorry. We’ll try to include her next time.

Strange Justice / Death Angeles by Connie Faddis

The Water is Wide by Valerie Dawson

Hanky Panky

The Purple Pages

“Snuff” is by Momo and Tammy Ruggles.

Holly and Hoot

The Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar

Alone by Daydreamer

The Truth Comes Out [Podfic] by hardboiledbaby

seriouslyshutupcasey’s Notorious BIG Tumblr Post

Murder Can Hurt You

Music credits: Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger and Hypnotize by Notorious BIG

Episode 01

Welcome to Me & Thee & Three — a Starsky & Hutch fan podcast. In this very first episode, your hosts — Jen, Monica, and Rachel — look at whether they are Starsky girls or Hutch girls, discuss what the show gained when it was dubbed into French, what Playgirl has to say about the titular couple, and much more.

Episode notes: a correction: near the end of the episode, Monica states that “we know Starsky is a Vietnam War vet,” when in fact all we know is that Starsky was in the army.

The Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar

The fic where Starsky’s mom gives him a mizpah keychain is Mizpah & Star Wars by mvernet.