Interview with Agent Molo

Of all the Starsky & Hutch fic on AO3, Agent Molo (aka esteefee) has written some of the most popular. In this episode of not-quite-Me and Thee and Three, Monica and MatSir interview Molo and talk about the inspiration behind stories, the things we see in the characters, and the way the fandom has changed.

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Episode Notes:

esteefee (molo) on AO3

Music Credit: Take The A Train (Soft Jazz Version) by Dr. SaxLove

Me & Thee & Thirsty 03: Novelty Soda

Recorded back in the winter or 2018, this episode of our drink-tasting side podcast examines six novelty sodas, which turned out to range from quite tasty to disgustingly awful! Wanna guess where peanut butter soda falls in that range? We also discuss what animals Starsky & Hutch’s patronus would be, and whether Hutch would put eggshells in his coffee grounds.

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Episode Notes:

Six Novelty Sodas: Moxie, Peanut Butter, MacFuddy Pepper Elixir, Butterscotch Beer, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Horchata.

Music Credits: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

In Your Mother’s Kitchen… In Duluth!

Cults! Kidnappings! We picked up a copy of the script for “Bloodbath” while at SHareCon, and boy did a lot of stuff get cut from the final episode! Gail gets a ripped-from-the-headlines backstory, and what’s this about Hutch’s mother getting poisoned??? Also, we discuss the rumor of a S&H reunion special, the return of Starsky’s blue Adidas shoes, and two other podcasts where S&H were mentioned recently.

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Episode Notes:

The Bloodbath fanvid Dream Weaver by TM Songvids

Starsky style: Adidas SL72 trainers back in blue

Music Credit: I Am Disappeared by Frank Turner

Gentle Loving Psychiatrist

We go over the script for the S&H episode Hutchinson for Murder One, pointing out details and changes that intrigue and delight us. But first, we talk about Antonio Fargas’s roles in Cherif and Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and then about Hutch’s star-and-moon necklace!

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Episode Notes:

Image from the script for Hutchinson for Murder One, which describes Starsky as “like a gentle, loving psychiatrist” when questioning Hutch.

Zebra Docs (The episode of Cherif is in Antonio’s folder)

Christopher Miller Creations – Face Moon and Star Necklace

Mortmere’s blog post about Hutch’s necklace

Fanfic: Moon and Stars by Allie

Music Credit: Chinchilla by Jackal

SHareCon Group Interviews

In our previous episode we talked about the panels, vids, and games at SHareCon 2019. But what was it like to just sit in the main convention room, listening to fans chat with each other about Starsky & Hutch? To capture that atmosphere, we did four small group interviews, covering everything from fandom friendship to the fascinating features of PMG’s face.

Group 1: Carmen, Asha, Maria Priest
Group 2: Lorraine, Anachron, Suzan Lovett
Group 3: Elaine, Dawnwind, Silver Chipmunk, Kat
Group 4: Keri T, Hardboiledbaby, MatSir

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Episode Notes:

Lorraine on fanlore

Anachron on AO3

Suzan Lovett on fanlore

A Place in the Sun

Dark Night of the Soul

Pigs In Space

Care and Maintenance

Music Credit: House at Pooh Corner by Loggins and Messina

SHareCon 2019 Overview

Rachel and Monica return from their second SHareCon and tell Jen all about it! This year’s con brought some new experiences, such as narrating the Baaad SH Theater play and flipping through the SH Lending Library, as well as previous favorite activities like the games, vids, and panels. Oh, and if anyone wants Zebra Three #5, Monica now has an extra copy.

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Episode Notes:

Annabelle in a zebra costume in celebration of SHareCon

Official SHareCon website

SHareCon fanlore page

Decorated for Death fanlore page

Starsky & Hutch historical vids

The SHareCon fanzine

The Starsky & Hutch Lending Library

Music Credit: Theme to Family Feud (1976 version)

Starsky is Driving. Hutch is Turned On.

Little details, lines of dialogue, and whole scenes get lost in the journey from script to finished episode. We pour over the script for Gillian, discuss the changes, and act out the missing scenes. Listen and be shocked by how much worse some of the dialogue was in the script! And then be delighted by some suggestive screen direction!

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Episode Notes:

This was our favorite screen direction from the Gillian script.

David Tennant Does a Podcast with… Catherine Tate episode review

An Idiot, a Girl, and a Fool in Love by Vassalady

Music Credit: Gillian – Vudu Hippies

Mix Tape Edition!

You hear a song on the radio. Maybe it’s about a steadfast partnership, me-and-thee against the world. Or maybe it’s about losing faith in the system and questioning your place in the world. Does it make you think of Starsky & Hutch? It does for us! In this episode we pick eight songs and discuss what makes them perfect songs for this show.

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Track List:

Play all songs as a YouTube playlist here. If we get suggestions for more songs, we’ll add them to this playlist.

How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees

I Won’t Let You Go by Snow Patrol

Trouble Town by Jake Bugg

Right Down the Line by Bonnie Raitt

I’ll Never Find Another You by The Seekers

Shades of Gray by Billy Joel

How Your Love Makes Me Feel by Diamond Rio

Nightwatch by the Shondes

Huggy Came Home

For months, Rachel has had only one episode of Starsky & Hutch left unseen: Huggy Can’t Go Home. We watch and discuss this unusual episode. Also, we discover a Barenaked Ladies song that mentions S&H, and talk about why S&H came up in Rhod Gilbert’s radio show.

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Episode Notes:

Hutch and the Merman by hutchynstarsk

Hutch’s Hands by hutchynstarsk

Music Credit: Another Postcard – Barenaked Ladies

Starsky and Hutch Don’t Need a Prenup

Talking points in this episode include David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser’s guest-roles in The Streets of San Francisco, Bernie Hamilton’s 1964 film One Potato, Two Potato, trying to make Starsky & Hutch minifigs at a LEGO store, and recent fanzine purchases.

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Episode Notes:

Here are the LEGO minifigs we assembled:

Two LEGO men, one blond in a red letter jacket holding a police badge, and one with dark curly hair in an open-collared disco shirt holding a croissant.

The Streets of San Francisco (TV show)

One Potato, Two Potato (1964 film)

Aries/Virgo by Constance Collins

Music Credit: Starside – Spacehog