Episode 18: SHarecon! (Part 1)

What do you get when 50-some fans gather in Baltimore to celebrate Starsky & Hutch? SHareCon!  Monica and Rachel tell Jen all about the great time they had, the zines and merch they got, the vids they watched, and the games they played!

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Episode Notes:

Hopscotch by Teri White

Zebra Three (zine)

Code 7 (zine)

The Who Do We Trust Times (letterzine)

The Rose (S&H fanvid)

Music Credit: Good Morning Baltimore – Hairspray

2 thoughts on “Episode 18: SHarecon! (Part 1)”

  1. No, children. Puzzles were not purposefully wonky in the seventies. You must have gotten a box made after Nixon opened trade with China. That said, I loved your podcast and enjoyed reliving my SHarecon experience through your eyes. Meeting Monica and Rachel was the highlight of my weekend. Being interviewed for a podcast was a highlight of my life! I am so pleased to have met two such enthusiastic and brilliant young people. The fandom is in safe hands.

    So, Hutch licked Starsky’s hand. Now there is a plot bunny.

    Love and Peace, Mo aka mvernet

    1. Good to know the puzzle wasn’t purposefully misleading… although maybe I liked that idea better than plain old cheap manufacturing. Oh well!

      I loved meeting you at SHareCon, too! It’s a joy to meet someone who has written so many stories stories I’ve enjoyed. Sooner or later we’ll get the episode with all the mini interviews posted, and I hope you’ll enjoy hearing yourself and all your fellow con-goers in that one.

      Maybe Hutch licking Starsky’s hand is a plot bunny you could expand upon… 😉
      –Monica AKA Garrideb

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