Episode 14: At the Stage Door

Our guest on this episode is Ilana, who has been buying Starsky & Hutch fanzines since the 80s, has met David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser, and Antonio Fargas on multiple occasions, and runs a very active S&H fan group on Facebook.  We discuss shifts in fandom platforms and learn about the European S&H fan experience!

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Episode Notes:

Ilana with David Soul in 2002 and Ilana with Paul Michael Glaser in 2013
Ilana with David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser
Two shots of Ilana with Antonio Fargas in 2005.
Ilana with Antonio Fargas

The Starsky/Hutch Bromance Facebook Group

Ilana on Archive of Our Own

Zircon ’90 (also called Nattercon)

Alive in the Fridge/The Dead Monkey

Coda (fanzine)

Celebration (fanzine)

Bonaventure (fanzine)

A Fine Storm by Suzan Lovett

Music Credit: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas


3 thoughts on “Episode 14: At the Stage Door”

  1. How lovely to hear Ilana’s voice! <3
    Great episode!
    Ilana is so awesome and the FB group is such a wonderful place to be! Great to hear her talk about meeting the guys. 😉

    1. Thank you! I agree completely that Ilana is an awesome leader of a wonderful fandom space, and has lots of great stories! We could easily do another episode interviewing her further!

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