Me & Thee & Thirsty – The Pilot

We’re taking a break this week due to vacations and traveling. However, we’d love for you to join us in this very special episode where we try jelly sake and oat smoothies. And because Starsky and Hutch are always on our minds, we can’t help but talk about them, too!

me and thee and THIRSTY

Episode Notes:

Sparkling Jelly Sake

Munsbit Oat Smoothies

Music Credits: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

Episode 10: That Classic Get ‘Em Fic

Brainwashed assassins! Castles in the Californian desert! We share our reactions to the Starsky and Hutch two-parter “The Set-Up”, and to follow up these bizarre episodes, we read the fanfic Mojave Crossing.  Published in a fanzine in 1977, it’s one of the earliest S&H fics, and after 40 years fans are still praising it. Why has this story stood the test of time?  Join us as we find out!

Episode Notes:

The Set-Up part 1 and 2

Project MKUltra – Wikipedia

Mojave Crossing by Connie Faddis

Evolution by Dana Austin Marsh

The very silly vid Monica made for Jen’s birthday (password is “password“):

[vimeo 267627935 w=640 h=485]

Music Credit: Desert Rose by Sting