Starsky is Driving. Hutch is Turned On.

Little details, lines of dialogue, and whole scenes get lost in the journey from script to finished episode. We pour over the script for Gillian, discuss the changes, and act out the missing scenes. Listen and be shocked by how much worse some of the dialogue was in the script! And then be delighted by some suggestive screen direction!

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Episode Notes:

This was our favorite screen direction from the Gillian script.

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An Idiot, a Girl, and a Fool in Love by Vassalady

Music Credit: Gillian – Vudu Hippies

2 thoughts on “Starsky is Driving. Hutch is Turned On.”

  1. Listening to the cut dialogue, (good job, too) it struck me how much the Gillian who is pointing out how much she earns, how expensive her furniture is and defending her desire for nicer things sounds a lot like fan written versions of Vanessa. Is per-realization Hutch one of those people who mentally and emotionally go blind when they decide they’ve fallen in love? Is he trying to save them or subconsciously justify his own mistaken idealizations?

    1. Good point! Maybe episode-Gillian was similar to Marianne Owens, but script-Gillian seems similar to Vanessa — or, as you point out, fanon Vanessa. I think it’s totally possible that Hutch idealizes his love interests until the love-blindness wears off.

      — Monica

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