SHareCon 2019 Overview

Rachel and Monica return from their second SHareCon and tell Jen all about it! This year’s con brought some new experiences, such as narrating the Baaad SH Theater play and flipping through the SH Lending Library, as well as previous favorite activities like the games, vids, and panels. Oh, and if anyone wants Zebra Three #5, Monica now has an extra copy.

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Episode Notes:

Annabelle in a zebra costume in celebration of SHareCon

Official SHareCon website

SHareCon fanlore page

Decorated for Death fanlore page

Starsky & Hutch historical vids

The SHareCon fanzine

The Starsky & Hutch Lending Library

Music Credit: Theme to Family Feud (1976 version)

3 thoughts on “SHareCon 2019 Overview”

    1. Ha, right!? There was at least one question where I wasn’t playing, but I remembered what I had answered on the survey, and no one was guessing that. And I wanted to yell out, “think dirtier!” And it wasn’t like it was an outlier of an answer. 😉


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