Me & Thee & Thirsty: Episode 02

me and thee and THIRSTY

It’s that time again: when we take a break from talking about Starsky & Hutch and instead try drinks we’ve never had before and review them! Also, we still talk about Starsky & Hutch quite a bit. Hutch would be into kombucha, right?

In this episode we try two traditional kombuchas and four soda-kombucha fusions.

Episode Notes:

Tapuat Kombucha (we tried “3 Root” and “Lemuria”)

LIVE Soda (we tried “Root Beer” “Doctor” “Cola” and “Lemon Lime”)

Music Credits: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

6 thoughts on “Me & Thee & Thirsty: Episode 02”

    1. Thanks for listening! Kombucha’s not really my thing either, though I do like ginger, usually! My problem is that I’m not into tea to begin with, so fermented tea is at a disadvantage. Give me a coffee or a root beer any day!

  1. Make Your Own Kombucha! Also known as ‘Hutch figured out a sure-fire way to keep Starsky from searching the fridge for his birthday gift’.

    1. Haha! Starsky would recoil in horror! It really is a gross process, but Hutch would love it more because of that, I think!

  2. You got me googling the Boston Molasses Flood!
    I’ve seen a scoby, but never tasted kombucha – maybe those two things are cause and effect?

    1. I would not blame you in the least if they are cause in affect — scoby are disgusting-looking! Honestly my mom’s raspberry kombucha was perfectly drinkable, so I don’t want to come down too hard on it, but man, those scoby…

      When Jen first told me about the Boston Molasses Flood I thought she was joking. It’s incredible to think of a FLOOD of molasses!


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