SHareCon Group Interviews

In our previous episode we talked about the panels, vids, and games at SHareCon 2019. But what was it like to just sit in the main convention room, listening to fans chat with each other about Starsky & Hutch? To capture that atmosphere, we did four small group interviews, covering everything from fandom friendship to the fascinating features of PMG’s face.

Group 1: Carmen, Asha, Maria Priest
Group 2: Lorraine, Anachron, Suzan Lovett
Group 3: Elaine, Dawnwind, Silver Chipmunk, Kat
Group 4: Keri T, Hardboiledbaby, MatSir

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Episode Notes:

Lorraine on fanlore

Anachron on AO3

Suzan Lovett on fanlore

A Place in the Sun

Dark Night of the Soul

Pigs In Space

Care and Maintenance

Music Credit: House at Pooh Corner by Loggins and Messina

2 thoughts on “SHareCon Group Interviews”

  1. Hi Fellow fans! Just discovered this site quite by accident. I am excited to listen into all your pod casts! I have recently gotten it in my head that David, Paul & Antonio should do a pod cast. David needs more to do,say,gripe about! How can we get this to happen? Also, tho of course I love Starsky/Paul, I am obsessed with David. You probably already know this from the Fan sites. Can you point me in the direction of interesting true stories about his 70’s life with all his musician friends on this pod cast past history? He is a mystery to me even after 50 years! Love & Thanks,marianne

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I’m really glad you found our podcast! And yeah, if Paul, David and Antonio did a podcast together, I would 100% listen to it. I know Antonio has been a guest on a few podcasts. I was about to ask if you’d listened to David’s show on Boogaloo Radio, but when I went to find the link I saw that you had already commented on that site! So I suspect you know more about David’s life and music career than I or my cohosts do.

      Thanks again for listening and commenting! –Monica

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