Gentle Loving Psychiatrist

We go over the script for the S&H episode Hutchinson for Murder One, pointing out details and changes that intrigue and delight us. But first, we talk about Antonio Fargas’s roles in Cherif and Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and then about Hutch’s star-and-moon necklace!

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Episode Notes:

Image from the script for Hutchinson for Murder One, which describes Starsky as “like a gentle, loving psychiatrist” when questioning Hutch.

Zebra Docs (The episode of Cherif is in Antonio’s folder)

Christopher Miller Creations – Face Moon and Star Necklace

Mortmere’s blog post about Hutch’s necklace

Fanfic: Moon and Stars by Allie

Music Credit: Chinchilla by Jackal

2 thoughts on “Gentle Loving Psychiatrist”

  1. I really enjoy when you share excerpts of original scripts. I am a big Hutch fan so this one I especially enjoyed hearing more about his backstory. Please share more scripts in the future!!

    1. Thank you! And hey, Hutch fans unite! (This is Monica typing, the Hutch fan of the group!) I’m glad you enjoy the script episodes, as we recently acquired the script for “Bloodbath” and will probably do that one next. Thanks for listening!

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