Episode 11: Not A Metaphor

Did you have any preconceptions about Starsky & Hutch before you watched your first episode?  We showed our friend Caroline her first three episodes, then asked her to tell us her impressions! Also, Rachel talks about finding some S&H merch in France, and Monica reads a fan’s account of meeting Bernie Hamilton.

Episode Notes:

Simon & Simon (TV show)

Wiseguy (TV show)

The McElroy family podcasts

The Broccoli Test

Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen) [FANVID] by Laura McEwan

Music Credit: Theme from Simon & Simon

3 thoughts on “Episode 11: Not A Metaphor”

  1. Hi All, finally listening to your podcasts. I have all the time in the world – for a while. Very enjoyable!

    Listening to the clips you played from Sweet Revenge made me realize how much I focused on the audio since there was nothing to look at. I noticed two things in particular. First, when Hutch is excited about Starsky waking up, the music immediately made me think of Tinkerbell coming back to life. I kid you not! And second, in the final scene, when it’s just Paul and David, I think Paul sounds much drunker than David. Or maybe he was just acting.

    1. Thank you so much for listening — and sorry for the late reply! We have to screen comments due to spam, and sometimes we forget to check the spam filter for a few months at a time. Oh man, I love your connection between the music when Starsky wakes up to the music for Tinkerbell! I’m definitely going to have to look up that scene in Peter Pan! And now I kind of want to see Starsky in a little green dress…

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