Episode 06

Come listen to Rachel react to the news that the Starsky & Hutch actors are flirting on Twitter! In this episode we explore how we would genre-swap S&H, discuss Antonio Fargas’s roles in 1976’s Car Wash and 2018’s Black Lightning, react to seeing the episode “Dandruff” for the first time, and decide which episodes we consider our least favorite.

Episode Notes:

Black Lightning

Car Wash

Gay City News Interview with Antonio Fargas

The Root recaps Unsung Hollywood: Car Wash

Turing Test and Turing Machine by kuonji

Eighteen Wheels and a Hitchhiker by Karen B.

Remember Him by molo

Music Credit: Car Wash by Rose Royce

6 thoughts on “Episode 06”

  1. “Dandruff” – story has it that they thought the script was so ridiculous, they didn’t want to do it. But when they were forced to, they showed up in ridiculous wardrobes, accents (ladder?), and played it ridiculously on their own terms. So that episode is nothing but a script war.

    1. I just read your comment to Jen, and she says “One Acme anvil short of a Looney Tune,” is an expression she wants to start using. Perfect description of “Dandruff”! –Monica

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