Episode 05

Is Bay City just a fictionalized Los Angeles? In this episode we discuss the complexities of Starsky & Hutch‘s location.  And having now watched Magnum Force, we give our reactions.  Also, Colbert’s inaccurate Starsky & Hutch reference, and more fanfic recommendations.

Episode Notes:

Clip of Colbert’s S&H reference

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mary Louise Fisher

Faded Up to the Sky by Jat_Sapphire

Compassion’s Heart and Private Agendas by Charlotte Frost

Here is the picture of Monica reading Private Agendas:


Music Credit: Theme to Magnum Force, composed by Lalo Schifrin.  Fun fact: Lalo Schifrin also composed the season one theme for Starsky & Hutch.

10 thoughts on “Episode 05”

  1. I so look forward to your conversations! As someone who lived for a short time in the LA area, and know that LA is ringed with dozens of smaller cities, I tend to think BC is one of those cities, nestled in next to City of Industry, Century City and Santa Monica. Not to mention Venice and San Pedro–where S&H was partially filmed.

    1. This squares with my headcanon! –Jen

      I’m glad you’re enjoying our conversations! Although how you view BC isn’t quite how I see it, it’s close — I tend to see BC as an LA neighborhood or a one-for-one substitute of LA. But having it as a smaller city nestled in there makes sense. My older sister lived in Santa Monica for a few years and I loved visiting her there. I’d love to read about Starsky & Hutch hanging out on the pier or going to the Getty Center or Getty Villa. –Monica

  2. I did watch all of Dukes of Hazard. The pilot and a handful of other episodes show a Torino as one of the cars they race against for fun. So their friends are diving it. The police cars are usually the only enemy cars, so not the Torino. It only shows up a few times. The series ran for 7 seasons, so other than the pilot it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. I assume there’s a listing out there stating which episodes have a Torino.
    Dukes was a tip of the hat to the formula of S&H. Two young guys, fighting the system and a cool car. But there the similarity ends. The target audience is kids, teens and family viewing. (Wasn’t everything family viewing in the seventies?) Where S&H was for teens, adults & men. The categories were very broad in those days.
    To confuse the two series is insulting to each of them, IMHO. They were great in what they were doing and their purposes didn’t overlap much at all.

    1. Thanks for more info on Dukes of Hazard! I really know next to nothing about it, but I might watch an episode or two just to see what it’s like. Interesting that there’s the occasional Torino in that show, too.


  3. L.A. vs Bay City.
    As I understand it, they weren’t allowed to use L.A. to start with, because they weren’t making a true to life procedural, like Streets of San Francisco. They were intending to make an action show that was about the characters and the drama, not about getting the police details right.
    After two seasons they were so famous and beloved that they had great fans at the L.A. police. The police commented about S&H not being correct in their displaying of police officers, that they loved it anyway, because it was Starsky and Hutch. They were cheering the show on. I don’t know if they made a deal with the production, but they seemed to have come to an understanding. So after that, you don’t see many references to Bay City anymore. The Plague was filmed at L.A.X. if I’m not mistaken.

    1. I’m not surprised that the LAPD came to love the show, and you’re right, I think I saw an interview where DS and PMG were talking about interactions they had with real police officers who were fans. And I can understand loving something even if it’s riddled with inaccuracies; I for one am pretty good at suspending my disbelief for medical drama.

      Oh, that’s cool about The Plague and LAX. I’ve been to LAX, but certainly after many, many remodels!


  4. (Smart assery ahead) A recent find in the dusty basement of BC city hall reveals that Bay City wanted to become part of greater Los Angeles, but the LA city/county refused to annex it due to the town’s odd characters, shady past and crazed drivers.

  5. Another great ep! Loved the Bay City/LA talk and all the discussion about historical accuracy!
    Thanks again for all the recs!
    Also LOL the Ray Wars… Isn’t poliamory the modern thing to do to end this kind of warfare? 😀

    1. Thank you! I love how different authors tackle the Bay City vs LA issue. Those kinds of canon inconsistencies really open up a field of possibilities. And I’m glad you’re enjoying our recs!

      Ha, yes, polyamory would bring peace to the Ray Wars! I’m pretty sure SOME fans saw it that way, too. But not enough of them! –Monica

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