Episode 03

Hutch’s ex-wife Vanessa might be one of the most unpopular characters in S&H fandom. In this episode, Rachel defends Vanessa, Monica recaps the Torino’s cameo in The Good Doctor, and Jen recommends some of the podfic she listened to during her cross-country drive.

Episode Notes:

The Good Doctor – “Islands Part 1”

[Podfic] Joy Ride written by kuonji and read by hananobira

[Podfic] Christmas Rhetoric written by Kerrys2Boys and read by hardboiledbaby and themusecalliope

[Podfic] Working Women written by kuonji and read by vassalady

Mutual Ground by Diane

The Smallest Sound by Rae

Eat by Starsky’s Strut

Criminal Minds – “Masterpiece”

Still the One by Laura McEwan

Come With Me Now by TM Songvids

The Cave by TM Songvids

Music Credit:  Emily Casey and Maggie Lakis – She Works Hard for the Money

20 thoughts on “Episode 03”

  1. Thanks for your comments on my vids! “Come With Me Now” *is* brand new. I’m still recovering from it. LOL! And “The Cave” was a special project for me, because every scene, look, move was super tightly choreographed with the footage.

    My next vid will be a remake of a classic vid by Beth Cambre – “Hero” by David Crosby.

    Great podcast concept! This fandom is rich with fandom works, and so much is just sitting around collecting dust. Good to see that it’s getting discussed!


    1. Thank you so much for listening, and also for making those beautiful vids. Rachel showed them to me and Jen after we finished recording, and I was blown away. The Cave, in particular, told such a great story about Starsky’s morals and his relationship with Prudholm.

      I’m curious about your next project — by “remake”, do you mean redo all the clips with higher quality source material, or do you mean a complete re-envisioning? Either way, it sounds like a cool project!


      1. “Hero” will be a completely different video. But Beth Cambre – an early vidder who had to resort to the double VCR mode – is an artist I respect greatly. And I am ambivalent about re-vidding any music she has already used. Her work has always been my inspiration. After being introduced to her vids in the early 90s, my response was, “I can do that!” I often visualized S&H with music –though I had no technical know-how at the time.

        1. Yeah, I can understand being ambivalent about using songs that have already been used in fandom, although I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with it. And as a viewer it can be lots of fun to watch two vids to the same song and see two very different approaches.

          I have all the respect for early vidders! I can’t even imagine how time-consuming the two VCR method must have been, although I’ve seen a vid that shows the whole process (“Pressure” https://fanlore.org/wiki/Pressure).

    1. Ooh, good question! Yes, I think I would be more likely to choose Hutch with his much nicer car. Also, in the scene where Belle is introduced, Hutch is wearing an outfit that looks like a Doctor Who cosplay, and that would tip the scales in his favor too.

      On the other hand, the Torino is so cool, and Starsky doesn’t need low-level cosplay to come off as cute and friendly. Hmm, it’s a much harder choice now. But I’ll go with Hutch.

      Who would you choose (with and without Belle)?

      Thank you for listening! –Monica

      1. Hutch and Belle for the cute factor. Plus, you HAVE to sit real close! Sans Belle? Probably still Hutch and Squash 1 or 2. (I was a mechanic’s kid – dented, dirty and semi-street legal was my native habitat.) Wait – how about a ’70s shaggin wagon and both Starsky & Hutch?
        Thanks for highlighting TM’s and Laura McEwan’s vids, two of this fandom’s best.
        P.S. I’ll rec Nyssa’s story Taxi (on AO3) to read with this podcast. A cute little slash quickie set after Tap Dancing.

        1. Hah! Yes, a car ride with both of them would be –by far– the most entertaining. With a front bench seat you can sit between the two of them. Starsky driving and Hutch with an arm around your shoulders, probably! 😉

          Thanks for the rec of Taxi; I haven’t read it so I look forward to doing so!

  2. Wonderful ep! (as usual) Thank you for mentioning “Christmas Rhetoric.” It’s always a great pleasure for me to work with Calliope, and dialogue-only fic is especially fun to do as a collaborative podfic project <333

    Thank you also for the podfic love in general. We don't have nearly enough in S&H fandom, and we have such a wealth of amazing fic going back decades. Y'know, folks who are comfortable with recording podcasts would be simply fantastic podficcers, just sayin'…. 😉 (I know Rachel already is, ofc <333)

    I was able to attend SHareCon in 2016, and as part of the program, watched an awe-inspiring presentation of historical vids. As a recent first-time vidder, I am very grateful to all the vidders who have contributed to the S&H treasure trove through the years, including TM and lauramcewan. "Pressure" was also aired, and wow, the dedication of tape vidders is freaking amazing.

    I found your discussion about Vanessa quite interesting. I admit I am not a Van-fan, but I do appreciate a nuanced view of her character. Any thoughts/head canon about the Nancy-Vanessa situation?

    1. A good reminder that I have two (very angsty) short podfics sitting unedited on my computer! I am with you in the “more podfic, please” corner of course, but also a shoutout and a thank you to you for making so much for S&H! <3

      Regarding Nancy and Vanessa, I do really enjoy when stories combine them and Vanessa is her middle name or she changes her name to it. As a Vanessa fan, it gives me a whole lot more to work with in her characterization! But I also enjoy when they're separate people (or Nancy is just vaguely handwaved away). So I, as per usual, don't have a strong preference but love it all, basically.

      And yes, yes, yes to the vidders! Such a gift that there are so many vidders among us.


      1. Angsty podfic, you say? *chinhands in anticipation* 😉

        I totally second Matsir’s recommendation–SHareCon is wonderful!

  3. Hi girls, I’m fresh from finishing my S&H watch and I can now fully start on this lovely podcast! *g*
    Thanks so much for all the interesting recs! Also, now I kind of want those Starsky and Hutch owls and the Froggy Bear too haha!

    1. Thanks for letting us know that you’re listening! Cali has completely commandeered the Starsky, Hutch, and Froggy Bear pillows on the couch as her personal cat beds. I’ll occasionally get the cat hair off them and fluff them back up, but most of the time these days they’re squashed flat. Oh well! –Monica

      1. LOL!

        Also forgot to mention I really enjoyed the Vanessa talk! When I finally got to watch Hutchinson for Murder One I remember being sort of taken aback by Hutch’s obvious, genuine caring for his ex wife, when she was always portrayed like such an harpy in fic! Also, I totally agree about the Vanessa scratching Hutch thing: touch is regularly used to emphasize love and care in the series and the rare times it doesn’t (like in this instance or when the boys come to blows in Stursky VS Hutch) it really stands out. *nods*

        1. I’m sorry for the late reply again, we’re having issues with our spam filter. Thanks for your feedback on the Vanessa discussion! It’s so true that the Vanessa in fic is often mean enough that it would be hard to picture Hutch’s canonical interactions with her. She’s certainly a character who inspires strong feelings. –Monica

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