Episode 12: With The Fonz

Come shop with us as we describe the Starsky & Hutch toys we found in a vintage second-hand store. Then we pour over the script for the S&H episode  A Body Worth Guarding, especially that incredibly charged scene between Starsky and Huggy. Finally, Rachel shares three zines she bought recently, and things get saucy when Monica reviews part one of the zine Evolution.

Episode Notes:

Monica’s “If We Were Vampires” S&H fanvid

Revell Model Starsky & Hutch TorinoMego Starsky & Hutch dolls , and Johnny Lightning Starsky & Hutch diorama

Bronze Fonz

Ollie Report for The Fix and the script for The Fix

One Shot (S&H zine) fanlore page

Day by Day (S&H zine) fanlore page

Casa Cabrillo (S&H zine) fanlore page

Evolution (S&H zine) fanlore page

Wikipedia listing of S&H episodes, including unfilmed scripts

The Amelia Bedelia Wikipedia Hoax

Music Credit: Theme from Happy Days

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