Episode 08: Getting Rid of the ‘Stache

Fanfiction contains some very creative reasons for why Hutch shaves off his mustache. In this episode, Monica shares her favorite reasons. We also discuss an interview David Soul gave to The Advocate in 1977, the movie The Cutting Edge, the TV show Unsub, and a coffeeshop AU fanfic inspired by last week’s episode!

advocate soul MTT

Episode Notes:

The Cutting Edge



Interview from Nov 1977 The Advocate (click to enlarge):


Huggy’s Unexpected Guests by DPPatricks

Wooing Lieutenant Starsky by mvernet

Virgin by Charlotte Frost

Five Times – No, Six Times Hutch Gave In and One Time He Didn’t by hardboiledbaby

How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mary Louise Fisher

Coffee, Me and Tea by Dawnwind

Do I Still Love You, Rosey Maloney? by Flamingo

Music Credit: Opening Theme from Unsub

10 thoughts on “Episode 08: Getting Rid of the ‘Stache”

  1. Okay, anyone else zero in on the third picture of DS in that article? Could be just a fold & shadow on the jeans, but I don’t think so!
    Fav Hutch loses his ‘stache story – Molo’s The Sleeper Wakes. Starsky shaves off Hutch’s mustache kinda hoping the act will piss off and so awaken a comatose Hutch.

    1. No, you’re not alone in having your eyes stray to a certain part of the photo! When I first showed it to Jen, she definitely pointed that out, and made a comment about the photographer knowing their audience, ha!

      I have not read The Sleeper Wakes, but it sounds completely up my alley, so thank you for reccing it! —Monica

    1. Ohh, thank you for this!! And nooo, I’m sad his song was cut! Just found that clip where he talks about it, and I’m glad it’s on the remastered soundtrack though. Definitely have to pick that up. -Rachel

    2. Thanks so much for posting this, one of my favourite musicals.
      I’m glad Paul’s song was included in the remastered soundtrack.

      1. Thank you so much for listening! I’m so happy too that Paul’s song wasn’t lost forever.


  2. This podcast was delightful. I really enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of your voices (and I think I heard some actual squeeees in there) And that article from The Advocate was inspiring. This makes my fangirl heart happy. Thanks for the plug on my ‘stache story. I am nothing if not unusual I’ll give you that!

    I’m planning on going back and to listen to your other podcasts. I’m so happy Garrideb sent me a link. I passed it on to my S&H friends too.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s so good to hear that our enthusiasm for S&H comes through. And you’re right, I’m sure there was actual squee-ing. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed hearing me read a snipped of “Lieutenant Starsky”.

      And thank you for reccing our podcast to your friends. We really love that our silly podcast has actual listeners!

      –Monica (Garrideb)

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